Pusser's Marina Cay

Pusser's Marina Cay

There are few places like Marina Cay. The flower covered, eight-acre island is ringed by a soft, white sand beach. The island is nestled in a sheltered, emerald green, lagoon whose shallow waters are always calm and lukewarm. It is the ideal place for snorkelers to enjoy the colorful fish and sea life that inhabit the coral reef and the lagoon. The quiet lagoon and reef make Marina Cay the ideal place for vacationing families with small children who desire a natural, safe, watersports environment. Likewise it is a wonderful place for those wishing to learn to snorkel and scuba dive. The island is also home to an award winning Pusser's Restaurant specializing in seafood and cuisine of the Caribbean.

Pussers Restaurant Reservations (284) 494-2467
Email: mcrmgr@pussers.com

Marina Cay Hotel (284) 541-8427
Email: mchmgr@pussers.com

Pusser's Marina Cay... Home to a Pusser's Store, our award-winning restaurant, breezy villas for overnight accommodations, a dive shop, and the famous Robb White Bar at the top of the island. The reef and warm, shallow waters of the lagoon are ideal for snorkelers and safe for families with children.

Pusser's Video: "Finding Pain Relief"

Informative and at times hilarious, this outtake is from the popular television program Boating-Today-TV and features Pusser's owner and raconteur Charles Tobias. It's all set on historic and beautiful Marina Cay, Pusser's most famous outpost in the BVI. See Marina Cay in its idyllic beauty, with the Pusser's store, restaurant and popular happy-hour bar atop this eight-acre gem of an island. This six-minute video also presents the history of Pusser's Rum, reveals the ingredients of the notorious Painkiller® drink recipe, and explains the origin of "Nelson's Blood" - another name for Pusser's Rum!